Nederland Pirates | FIRST™ Robotics Team 1584


Our middle and high school level team members.

The Swabs

Swabs are high school and 8th grade team members. They perform the most duties and participate in the competition.

Hakan Chunton

Class of 2020

Cody Martin​

Class of 2020

Oliver Vernon

Class of 2020

Anisley Norman

Class of 2020

Jamie Graves

Class of 2021

Clay Kress

Class of 2021

​Zach Weiner

Class of 2022

Ande Hammers

Class of 2023
Saftey Captain

The Powder Monkeys

Powder Monkeys are middle-level team members. They assist in the shop and peform support duties.

Opal Kinnikin

Class of 2024

Jake Geels

Class of 2025

Keahi Donahue

Class of 2025

Cedar Shupe

Class of 2025

Leonardo Filippello

Class of 2026


Mentors provide professional expertise and guidance for the team.

Lori Ledbetter

School Sponsor

Annette Franck

Randy Franck

Scott Hammers