Nederland Pirates | FIRST™ Robotics Team 1584

2014 Season

May 1, 2014

2014 - Queen Anne's Revenge

Ahoy, mateys! Th' Queen Ann's Revenge went to t' sail th' se'en seas at th' Colorado Regional on April 3rd-5th! Th' buccanneer crew stayed late on Toosdee night t' fix a new issue wi' th' encoder that controls th' rotatin' arm. We be havin' pulled off th' air tanks an' gripper arms t' hold them aft fer minor improvements, mostly t' make them lighter (th' robot be about 2 pounds too heavy!). This robot diet will happen o'er th' next wee tides an' ortin't be a problem. We also plan some local demos so we can show off our 2014 creation! Look fer us at a library or elementary school near ye.



photo: build_1554848_orig.jpg
photo: build_1778651_orig.jpg
photo: build_1800090_orig.jpg
photo: build_2108462_orig.jpg
photo: build_2182154_orig.jpg
photo: build_2649573_orig.jpg
photo: build_2743786_orig.jpg
photo: build_3165862_orig.jpg
photo: build_3401053_orig.jpg
photo: build_3725190_orig.jpg
photo: build_400950_orig.jpg
photo: build_4182640_orig.jpg
photo: build_4591777_orig.jpg
photo: build_5048187_orig.jpg
photo: build_509225_orig.jpg
photo: build_5224288_orig.jpg
photo: build_5235776_orig.jpg
photo: build_5759291_orig.jpg
photo: build_5833234_orig.jpg
photo: build_5929373_orig.jpg
photo: build_6586806_orig.jpg
photo: build_659322_orig.jpg
photo: build_6631931_orig.jpg
photo: build_7240887_orig.jpg
photo: build_7459374_orig.jpg
photo: build_7779500_orig.jpg
photo: build_881956_orig.jpg
photo: build_901952_orig.jpg
photo: build_9151438_orig.jpg
photo: build_9222869_orig.jpg
photo: build_9961123_orig.jpg