Nederland Pirates | FIRST™ Robotics Team 1584

2017 Season

January 22, 2017

Construction and More...

The team is constructing the robot, as well as mock ups of features in the playing field. Software programming techniques are taught and discussed. Strategy to design, design to reality - the team is making progress!

photo: build_working-on-frame_orig.jpg
photo: build_william-planning-gear-slot_orig.jpg
photo: build_testing-motors_orig.jpg
photo: build_programming2_orig.jpg
photo: build_programming_orig.jpg
photo: build_noah-robot-work_orig.jpg
photo: build_making-rope-mockup_orig.jpg
photo: build_hotglue_orig.jpg
photo: build_gear-prototype_orig.jpg
photo: build_cody-oliver-robot-work_orig.jpg