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February 20, 2018

Bagged and Tagged

Working up to the deadline, the team finishes and earned some much needed rest!


photo: Team1584.png
photo: FullTeam1584.JPG


photo: 180220_IMG_5171.JPG
photo: 180220_IMG_5168.JPG
photo: 180220_image5.jpeg
photo: 180220_image4.jpeg
photo: 180220_image3.jpeg
photo: 180220_image2.jpeg
photo: 180220_image1.jpeg

January 19, 2018

In the Shop...

The team has been working all week on the robot, testing prototypes, and building game features. Lots of progress, and things are taking shape!


photo: Jan16_E268D096-3399-42BC-B6BE-DAF37355BC24.jpeg
photo: Jan16_5DFBD4CC-E330-46D6-BCBF-25A0FB715DD7.jpeg
photo: jan19_20180119_183152_resized.jpg
photo: jan19_20180119_183137_resized.jpg
photo: jan19_20180119_183128_resized.jpg

January 8, 2018

Working On 8-Bit Art

The Team is working on some new 8-bit art! We made a test avatar and did some people too. The avatar will be used in this year's competition, and we hope to have an official one soon.

Test Art:

photo: Art_SkullWithBandanna40-800.png
photo: Art_Scott.Hammers.png
photo: Art_Ande.Hammers.png